VGV identifies, as company policy, to be partner for its customers in order to optimize quality, time and costs: for this reason is committed in facing and solving the customer’s needs.

VGV intends to realize the full customer satisfaction by maximizing the added value on its own supplying, offering a range of technical and logistics services.

VGV puts quality at the top of his activities witch are not limited only to trading, but carries out, at different stages of the supply, all necessary checks to ensure product quality.

VGV is focused on the control of the production processes of their suppliers by providing technical support to meet the quality standards of the automotive market;

VGV has established joint venture with manufacturers, entering in their company structure;

VGV has made agreements with strategic producers sharing the purchase of production equipment;

VGV owns equipment located at partners facilities in order to improve their competitiveness and flexibility;

VGV has as its medium-term objective the creation and management of a logistic and productive centre.

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